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Work Options for Women helps people overcome barriers to sustainable employment by building confidence while providing resources and culinary job training.


Since 1997, Work Options for Women has helped train and employ over 3,000 individuals in Denver. Work Options for Women not only prepares people to obtain entry-level employment, we work to ensure that our graduates have the culinary skills, job-readiness skills, life skills and ongoing support that they will need to retain employment and pursue a permanent career in the culinary sector.

Beginning in early 2018, we will be adding a Mobile Culinary Classroom to instruct students on an accelerated timeline who are coming out of incarceration and currently living in halfway houses around the metro area.


Are you willing to work hard to create your own better future?

Our students gain culinary skills to enable them to hold steady jobs in the food services industry. Call 720-944-3393 to learn about our 9-week culinary skills training program. Orientation sessions are held every Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the Richard T Castro Denver Human Services Building.


Donate now so we can help even more people overcome the barriers to sustainable employment.

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Telephone: 720-944-3393

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2 weeks ago

Work Options for Women

Good morning, Facebook friends and family! Are you ready to hear about another AWESOME chef who'll be participating in #WomenCook in just a few short weeks?

Y'all, meet Chef Cindhura Reddy! Cindhura has been gracing the WomenCook arena with her presence for several years and we are stoked to have her back this year! If you haven't been to her restaurant Spuntino yet, you better get there if you're craving some incredible Italian fare! Oh, what's that you say? You love Italian, but you're really craving some Indian street food? Well, you're in luck because Cindhura and her husband Elliot just opened a delightful little Indian street food stall called Namkeen at the brand new Zeppelin Station!

Is your mouth watering yet? We know our stomach is growling just thinking about the delicious treats Cindhura and her sous chef Austin Christina Ferrell Nickel will be serving up at WomenCook!

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